Our Services

  • felling
  • rigging/dismantling
  • crown reductions
  • crown lifting/thinning
  • stump grinding
  • hedge maintenance
  • tree planting and aftercare
  • mobile milling service
  • tree reports/surveys
  • annual care packages
  • advise and planning

Our Standards


The need for tree work will sometimes become self-evident to tree owners and site managers in the course of their regular duties. Tree work ideally forms part of a planned and systematic programme of management, which includes the successional planting of trees well-suited to their surroundings. Principles for assessing the potential advantages and disadvantages of various aspects of tree work are stated, where appropriate, in this standard. Where work is required, it is important for clients to be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages before deciding the course of action to follow. 


The forestry and arboricultural industries recognise that good health and safety practice is vital for operators and business. Gaining industry recognised qualifications ensures that we have reached the agreed standards of competence. We are commited to providing a safe working environment and piece of mind for our clients.


Trees can offer many benefits, including:
  • Providing visual amenity, softening or complementing the effect of the built environment, and adding maturity to new developments
  • Displaying seasonal change and providing opportunities for wildlife in built-up areas
  • Making places more comfortable in tangible ways by contributing screening and shade, reducing wind speed and turbulence, intercepting snow and rainfall, and reducing glare.

Where tree retention or planting is proposed in conjunction with nearby construction, the objective should be to achieve a harmonious relationship between trees and structures that can be sustained in the long term. The good practice recommended in this British Standard is intended to assist in achieving this objective. BS 5837:2012 is applicable whether or not planning permission is required.

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